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We have long standing relationships with Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities and we know what you need when it comes to Asset Management Systems and software. We know you are often confronted with many challenges in relation to Asset Management requirements and so we have produced a cost-effective, time-efficient and invaluable Inventory System. We guarantee the System meets all the criteria in terms of providing computerised evidence for Audit, Insurance reporting and disaster recovery.

At Education Inventory we can give you the choice and control to manage your reports effectively at the touch of a screen. With the added benefits of being totally transparent for Audit purposes, and secure to allow data to be stored and accessed remotely via any Computer or Handheld device. Our Asset System will act as an aid with alerts for important dates for COSHH, fire and risk assessments and help with asset and audit tracking.

A concise and consistent Asset Inventory is an essential requirement to every educational establishment. We collaborate and work with all education establishments across the UK, & Europe providing a professional and cost efficient Asset Inventory service.

EAMS Product

So much more than an asset management system

At Education Inventory our intelligent system is constantly developed and updated to make sure that it adheres to all current and future Audit Requirements allowing you to record as little or as much information as required. Our Asset Management System platform is a user-friendly system for rapid inventory logging & auditing, available on mobile devices and handheld gadgets, alongside desktop and laptop computers. Visualising & searching through reports is clear and simple to use, while remaining printer-friendly if necessary.

UK Cloud Based & Secure

Intelligent Alerts

Cost Efficient

Enhance Procurement

Enhance Asset Tracking

Essential for Disaster Recovery

Traditional lists or spreadsheets are prone to errors, duplicated data & confusion when multiple differing copies exist. In our cloud-based system, they can be sure it’s always 100% up- to- date, backed up and multiple staff members are able to log in and make updates simultaneously.

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Tools For Modern Schools & Academies

Features that remove the burden of auditing away from staff


Generate detailed reports in a click of a button

Calculate depreciation for individual assets


Integrate with other products using our REST API

Stream purchases for instant reporting


PAT testing and repair log features built in

Record licence information, making renewals a breeze

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Case Study

Weald Rise Primary School, Harrow

Following an amalgamation of Weald Rise Primary in Harrow earlier this year, Education Inventory effectively created an Asset register for the school.

The planned building works, alongside the school restructure, combined with budget constraints and the teaching and learning priorities identified the school did not have the staffing resources to undertake the audit themselves.

With the support and expertise of Education Inventory the tasks pertaining to the audits were completed successfully all in one day. Efficiency personified. We received a glowing recommendation and favourable feedback from the staff at Weald Rise Primary. We aim to return to repeat the processes again in 2016.


Dawn Butler, Bentley High School, Doncaster

We have been a customer of the company for 3+ years and it is extremely likely we will be using their services again. We found it is a reliable way to manage your assets with the most comprehensive & time efficient recording system. Staff are very professional and polite, they just got on with the job with very minimal disruption.

Daniel Sparkes,Pitcheroak School, Worcestershire

Following a recommendation from a colleague, I approached you for inventory services. At my previous school I conducted my own inventory which took the entire Christmas Holidays. Asset registers are so important to have, but very time consuming to complete - time that I do not have. The staff were sympathetic to the working school and were apple to pop in and out of available rooms using the timetable provided, meaning this could be done during term time. I look forward to using you again in the future.

Carol Rider, Newcity School, Newham

The company provides a fantastic service, that is reliable and effective. Working in a very busy school environment, keeping a regular track of the assets is particularly difficult. You provide me with piece of mind and an easy to handle report of every item over £50 in the school. I welcome their yearly visits!

Pat Strong, St James RC Primary, Hyde

The company is extremely professional, and we are very satisfied with the service. We use them because they offer an excellent and thorough service and we would highly recommend them to other people.

Sue Pell, Bentley High School, Doncaster

We are a very large primary school. I called the company - they came out within a short space of time. Arrived early - got started - were here all day with not too many interruptions of the school timetable. The data arrived a few days later. The price was reasonable too. Excellent service.

Twelve Apostles School, Wigan

We have used this company for a number of years now and have always found them to be professional and extremely discreet when working in school. Their charges are very competitive and we would highly recommend them to other schools and businesses.